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The Hellfire Club

Be sociable to all and neglectful of none,
but always pay heed to the horned one!

Motto of the Hellfire Club

Join the ruler of unruliness, your host, Sir Roger Randomly in an evening of fun frolics. As new members, Sir Roger and his comely companion Agnes McFeely will introduce your guests to the habits of Edinburgh’s infamous Hellfire Club, a den of enjoyment and iniquity popular among the upper classes of the 18th century. Here, the best of Edinburgh’s society would let their hair down and gorge themselves on fine food and drink. 

Let your guests feast whilst Sir Roger guides you through the habits of the Hellfire Club...

The club dogsbody, Andy McPlop will also be there to ensure proceedings remain clean and fragrant, although he himself is anything but. Expect to be teased, taunted and tempted by your gregarious hosts, as they challenge you with a hellish quiz, hellish wit and hellish hair!

Sitting at table names after the 7 deadly sins, your guests will indulge in sweetmeats and claret. When commanded, they will also take part in Sir Roger’s games. 

Great prizes await the worthy winners... 

Horrible tortures await the worthless losers...

We can liven up a private dinner for groups of 20 in a venue of your choice, please get in touch and we'll be happy to arrange the next steps.

The Hellfire Club