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Till death us do part...Hen and Stag Tours

Book this event if you’d like...

  • to squeal with abandon, squeak with laughter, scream with fright
  • to know the fate of the wife caught nagging
  • discover how a toast led to public disgrace not to mention the dark deeds hidden in the Blair Street Underground Vaults…
  • your parting gift for the bride or groom – it will ensure this is one tour they will never forget!

Haunted happily ever after

Launch your pre-matrimonial merriment with your fun-packed tour. 

Our heady mix of cautionary tales and naughty goings-on in Old Edinburgh will torment and tantalise the bride or groom in equal measure. 

Lots of audience participation will keep you in high spirits - and your special guest on tenterhooks throughout!

Please get in touch and we'll be happy to arrange your private tour

Till death us do part...Hen and Stag Tours