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Mercat Tours

Only the brave…

We have exclusive access to the most extensive set of Underground Vaults beneath the South Bridge in the Old Town of Edinburgh. Untouched since they were abandoned in the early nineteenth century, the Underground Vaults are unique. They provide a setting that fires the imagination, commands all your senses, and stimulates your sixth!   Join Jimmy Devlin who will be our paranormal investigator for the evening  and your Mercat guide on Friday 13th November.

There, with a brief tour of the Vaults with your Mercat guide, who will highlight areas which have stimulated most interest. From the historical fact and evidence that Mercat will share, there will be also be an opportunity to work with Jimmy Devlin, who will  offer an alternative insight into the ‘most haunted place in Britain’ (BBC).

For the majority of your experience you will conduct research in small groups, working with recording equipment. What might you see, hear , feel…?

Later in the night, as a whole group, you will discuss your findings, your sensations and theories. Then, and only then, will your guide share with you the full details of the paranormal experiences that witnesses have testified to.

The Vigil will begin at Midnight ending at 5am.

Terms and Conditions

  1. What You Should Bring
    • warm clothing
    • flat, walking shoes
    • a blanket or sleeping bag
    • torch
    • camera
    • paper and pen to record your experiences
    • snacks
    • if available, an electro-magnetic field recorder and digital thermometer
  2. What We Will Provide
    • electro-magnetic field recorders
    • digital thermometers
    • seating
    • water, tea and coffee
    • toilets
  3. What You Can Expect of Us
    • A well-designed programme of events which is binding on all participants
    • A vigil whose aim is to observe and record paranormal activity in the Vaults
  4. What We Expect of You
    • That you are 18 years or over
    • That you do not enter into the underground under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • That you do not bring alcohol or drugs onto the premises
    • That you do not attempt to smoke whilst on the premises
    • That you adhere to all health and safety guidelines
    • That you remain in the designated areas
    • That you do not behave in any way that disrupts the Vigil or impairs the enjoyment of others

and finally,

  • Mercat Tours accepts no responsibility for the effects of paranormal activity in the Vaults.
  • You enter the Vaults at your own risk. You are reminded that the supernatural is an erratic phenomenon and can cause extreme emotional reactions. You have been warned!
  • In the interests of everyone's safety, the use of ouja boards and holding of séances are strictly forbidden.

Please note this experience is open to over 18s only

Tour Times

Friday 13th November


5 hours




Mercat Cross, High Street


Blair Street Vaults, Blair Street

Online Booking