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Meet The Mercat Team... Multi-Tasking Marti

10th Nov 2014
Meet The Mercat Team... Multi-Tasking Marti

Meet Marty

1. When did you join Mercat?
I joined Mercat in February 2010 as a Duty Manager… trained to be a guide later that year and joined the office team in June 2011.  Now, I have different set of roles: on street duties, guiding, timetabling, training and general Visitor Services duties including candle-lighting duties!

2. Favourite part of Edinburgh?
I am an Old Town man, but I love the New Town too… Grassmarket, Meadows, Stockbridge and Dean Village… Maybe Calton Hill!

3. Favourite thing to do in Edinburgh?
Going for a good meal and good a drink/coffee would be one of my favourite things to do in Edinburgh. A night walk to Calton Hill and a camping trip to the Pentlands would be there too!(more info here)

4. What do you love most about the city?
There's a story around every corner - The Nor' Loch having been where Princes Street Gardens lie today is one of my favourites.

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