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The Wardrobe Question

13th Aug 2012

've noticed some changes since become a guide, but one appears mainly when I am putting away the laundry- the ever growing black corner of the closet.

Family and friends will regularly hand me black skirts, shirts, sweaters, even cloaks - “Ah you should use this for your tours!”.  I have more black clothing than I know what to do with!  Favourites tend to be the black velvet and anything lace - but the wardrobe of a ghost tour guide is a definitive quality (however eclectic) and one I suspect oft overlooked by those not intimately connected to guiding.

Black shoes, of course, another endless quandary.  Anyone who has been through a winter (which should be anyone reading this unless you consistently migrate between Australia and Italy) will be aware of the fun that is buying winter boots - finding black ones that are sufficiently snazzy is like finding the proverbial well-tailored yet not overpriced needle in the haystack.

All worth it, of course, especially when you're the only person at Halloween who doesn't need to scramble for a costume!

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