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A Whisky Special

Did you know that World Whisky Day is just around the corner? And even better that means our World Whisky Day special tour is also just around the corner!

This May, Saturday 20th, we'll take you on a unique whisky tour and tasting. Starting at 4pm at the Mercat Cross your expert guide will lead you through the streets of Old Town Edinburgh to hear about the darker side of this beautiful city. Then you'll head under the city's surface to explore our Blair Street Underground Vaults, a dark atmospheric underground that reveals stories of centuries gone by. After the vaults your guide will lead you to Megget's Cellar, still underground, where you will be met by our resident whisky expert.

Here you'll be happy to calm your nerves as you learn all about whisky distillation and the regions of Scotland and of course you'll taste the whisky regions too.

Sound like the tour for you? Our whisky tour and tasting listing has all the details and booking information - see you in the underground! 

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