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Fancy a Fringe Benefit?

12th Aug 2015
Fancy a Fringe Benefit?

It’s hard to describe Edinburgh in August to those who have never been. Firstly, imagine every conceivable actor, comedian, juggler and dancer - put them all into a confined space. Follow that by telling them to start performing, at the same time, and not to stop for three weeks.

Add into the mix several thousand tourists, reviewers, locals and reviewers, and perhaps you might have a flavour of the unadulterated insanity we surround ourselves with in the fading heat of summer. 

You want to see 15 Japanese drummers drowning out an eager youth choir? 

You got it. 

Fancy seeing a comedian from TV performing in a tiny room used for storing gym equipment eleven months of the year? 

No problem. 

Curiosity peaked by the Stowbridge Limelights all-mime production of Shirley: Queen of the Warrior Seagulls? 

Well, you might be out of luck with the last one (note from Mercat Meg: Gillian made that one up), but there is literally something for every possible taste, however obscure, however unlikely.

August is glorious chaos, and we at Mercat Tours are literally in the middle of it all. Our normally peaceful Mercat Cross is in the centre of the Royal Mile, which throughout the Fringe will be home to ten thousand souls a day: flash mobs, flyerers, unexpected choirs and unsuspecting amateurs with ambition. Pop up stages, pop up bars, people popping out of boxes. 

But does it stop us? Of course not! 

We start many of our tours with tales of the Edinburgh mob of old: the unruly masses that would come to witness all manner of events at the Mercat Cross, and the Festival and Fringe is simply the modern version. And not only that, throughout August we’ll be luring you, the Festival mob, with an offer too good to refuse. 

Come along with a ticket from a Festival or Fringe show you’ve seen, and we’ll give you £2 off the ticket price of our Ghostly Underground tour (all the T&Cs are here).  Not only that, we can guarantee our Blair Street Underground Vaults will be considerably quieter than the streets above our heads, in the human sense, at least. 

We can’t always say the same for our ghosts...

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