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Meet the Mercat Team - Jaunty Jason from Inverness!

1st Dec 2014
Meet the Mercat Team - Jaunty Jason from Inverness!

Meet Jason from Inverness.

1. When did you join Mercat Tours?
February 2014 – I work in both the Edinburgh and the tours to Europe with Mercat Tours International.  Here's a peek on my average day (click my pic)...

2. Favourite part of Edinburgh?
With all the sights Edinburgh has to offer the one that still amazes me is the one that most visitors first see. Walking along Princes Street and looking over to the Old Town, the buildings rising towards the sky, the green of the gardens like a horizon and the Castle overlooking us all.

3. Favourite thing to do in Edinburgh?
By day I enjoy a visit to The National Portrait Gallery, coming face to face with Scotland's past and present. By night a few drinks and the occasional venture to The Stand Comedy Club on Queens Street.

4. Best story or historical fact about Edinburgh?
The Encyclopedia Britannica was first produced in Edinburgh, and the first edition caused controversy due to the anatomy section which was said to contain “unvarnished portrayals of the unmentionable parts of the human body.”

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