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An Evening with Meg Dods

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  • Ideal for groups of 20 or more
  • Trained, accredited performer
  • Travel, costume, props and preparation included
  • Admin and booking support
  • One rate, all year round
  • From half an hour to a full evening

About this tour

The ingredients of the haggis. The secret to the water of life. And the precise definition of a ‘tappit hen’. Some Scottish traditions can be a little confusing – even to the Scots. Fear not: Mistress Meg Dods will be your guide for the evening.

Legendary landlady of the Cleikum Inn, Meg hosted the Cleikum Club – renowned for fostering the arts during the Scottish Enlightenment.

Now she’s ready to regale you with the very real tales of our nation’s customs and characters – presented in full costume by one of our fully trained and accredited performers.

A lady through and through, Meg was immortalised in Sir Walter Scott’s novel, St Ronan’s Well. A woman of uncertain age, Meg was of modest origin, warm-hearted and given to speaking her mind. She also had a rightly-won reputation for hospitality and homespun yarns.

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