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About this tour

Join the hunt for witches and warlocks, ghosts and ghouls – but watch out for the torturer’s iron grip. On this private tour your band of young ghost hunters will discover the chilling past of Edinburgh’s Old Town and the Blair Street Underground Vaults.

The birthday party will gather at the Mercat Cross, full of bravado. Your cloaked Mercat guide will spin wild tales of tormented souls, torture and hangings – all of them true. You’ll hear of the plague, how to dodge the gardyloo, and the best method for popping pus-filled boils. You’ll explore the dark closes and wynds of Edinburgh’s Old Town, brushing past ancient walls that were once spattered with blood.

Haunted vaults. Dark streets. Tortured souls.

Then things get a little scarier. We’ll descend into the Blair Street Underground Vaults, each young member of the party armed with nothing but a torch and a sense of adventure. Edinburgh’s most haunted site will chill you to the bone – the damp air, the darkness, the cold breath on the back of the neck. 

Your Mercat guide will weave the birthday girl or boy into the stories – with uncanny knowledge of their darkest secrets. It will be up to them to decide whether this young specimen should be hailed as a brave hero, or tortured as a despicable criminal. If anyone survives, we’ll emerge into Megget’s Cellar, to recover in the candlelight with a song, a cheer, and one final, blood-curdling story.

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  • Hear grisly, ghostly tales in the Old Town, with pus-filled boils and a dose of plague
  • See who’s the bravest when you visit the haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults
  • Celebrate your special day with a treat and song in candle-lit Megget’s Cellar

Tour Details


1 hour 30 minutes


Meeting point and route

Start: Mercat Cross, High Street

Finish: Blair Street Underground Vaults, Blair Street, off Hunter's Square

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