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About this tour

A fun-packed tour to send your bride or groom off in style to matrimonial merriment.

You'll all have to play your part with audience participation that will keep your special guest on tenterhooks! Your bride or groom is sure to be haunted happily ever after.

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Things you need to know

Book this tour if you'd like...

  • Squeal with abandon, squeak with laughter, scream with fright
  • Hear the fate of the wife caught nagging
  • Discover how a toast led to public disgrace not to mention the dark deeds hidden in the Blair Street Underground Vaults…
  • Your parting gift for the bride or groom – it will ensure this is one tour they will never forget!

Tour times


1 hour

Where your tour starts

Start: Mercat Cross, High Street

Finish: Blair Street Underground Vaults, Blair Street, off Hunter's Square

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Trust Mercat to show you a side of Edinburgh others don’t see. We have 5 stars and a 91% rating from VisitScotland. We’re also one of the top 11 attractions in Scotland. Our Awards