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Dare to Descend and Discover

14th May 2012

As soon as you start to descend down the stone steps and inhale the untouched atmosphere, it becomes apparent very quickly that these 18th Century Underground Vaults in Blair Street are unique in more ways than one.

Having travelled the UK for over a decade in search of the elusive manifestation of ghosts, I believe we are at our closest to experiencing what lies in most of our fears, in this labyrinth of candlelit chambers. It is not only history, ,yth and urban legend that emanates from the darkness of the Vaults in Blair Street. If the personal experiences of myself and previous attendees to the vaults isn’t testament enough, then I hold out a hand and invite you to experience for yourself the possibility of :Physical Contact, Disembodied Voices, Heavy Breathing, Footsteps and Shadow Figures, all of which have been reported on previous Mercat Vault Vigils.

All of the required investigating equipment is provided, all that is needed to attend is an open mind.

I hope to see you down there ............ if you dare.

J. Devlim: Paranormal Investigator

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