Expert Storytellers

Our Why; making meaningful connections

Crafting history into stories connects people, place and the past in a very human way and is why we do what we do. 

The art of a good story well told is how we make connections because we believe...

History is a damn good story.
What it needs is a damn good telling.

Mercat was founded by a history teacher, but you can forget the classroom.

We choose our Storytellers for their enthusiasm and skill – and never ask them to read from a script. Each one brings their own energy to the story, whether they’re telling you about Adam Smith, the father of economics – or the city’s rioters, rebels, torturers and murderers.

The stories are all true – with no artificial jump scares or tricks on our tours.  

With Mercat, we’ll take you deeper into the past than a bus tour or guidebook ever could. In the words of our Storytellers, we bring the city’s stories alive in rich, engaging detail. And whether you choose one of our history or ghost tours, you’ll see a side to Scotland’s capital that most visitors miss.


Canongate Kirkyard Edinburgh

Exclusive Access

The only Edinburgh tour with access to the Blair Street Underground Vaults

The Blair Street Underground Vaults were filled with rubble in the early 19th century, and only rediscovered in the 1980s. Since then, they’ve become known as Edinburgh’s most famous haunted site – strange underground caverns where terrible things once happened.

They are the deepest, oldest underground vaults in Edinburgh – and we’re the only tour company in the city that can take you down there.

Mercat Tours Courie In Winter Tales Video Series

Small Groups

We limit our group sizes to an absolute maximum 18 people – so you can always hear your storyteller feeling safe and comfortable, and you’re always involved. It’s one of the reasons our storyteller’s get such consistently great feedback – and why we’ve won so many awards.

The first 5-star walking tour company. 94% grade by VisitScotland

Voted one of Scotland's top 11 attractions

It’s fair to say we know our stuff

We’re right at the centre of the Old Town’s restaurants, shops, hotels and bars – so a Mercat tour is the perfect way to explore another side of the city.

Mercat Tours Guide Smiling

Guaranteed Tours

We run tours regularly, in all weathers. And we have guaranteed departures.  Let’s put it another way: when you book onto a Mercat tour, you’re going on a Mercat tour. No last-minute cancellations. No minimum quotas.

Discover the Royal Mile that others miss

Skip the line at Edinburgh Castle

Explore the Blair Street Underground Vaults.

Only with Mercat Tours

We’ve got a tour to suit everyone. From bespoke private tours, to a full two-hour evening of exceptional storytelling. Daytime or evening, weekday or weekend – we definitely have something for you.

Browse our daily tour timetable now.

A Tour In Blair Street Underground Vaults

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