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Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours

Cannibals. Body snatchers. Deals with the Devil. And that’s before we even head underground. Discover the true stories from Edinburgh’s darkest side.

Evening of Ghosts & Ghouls

Stories of blood, guts and gore in the Old Town, then a whisky in a candlelit cellar to warm the heart.

Doomed, Dead and Buried

Haunted vaults. A sinister graveyard. Tales of torture, murder, and hangings.

Ghostly Underground

The daytime tour of our haunted vaults – because things don’t only go bump in the night.

Hidden & Haunted

A chilling way to explore Edinburgh after dark – and underground. Strictly adults-only.

Most Hidden & Haunted

Our last tour of the night: chilling tales of the Old Town, and a rare chance to explore our vaults on your own.

German Guide

Verborgene Geschichten

Erfahren Sie mehr über die dunkle Vergangenheit von Edinburgh.

Spanish Guide

Misterios De Ultratumba

Escuche las historias oscuras del pasado de Edimburgo.

French Guide

Fossoyeur D'Histoire

Voyagez dans le temps et découvrez le passé horrible d'Edimbourg. 

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