27th August - We're Good to Go! We're ready to give you the warmest welcome back at the Mercat Cross. For now, guidelines mean we won't be leading tours into the Underground tours, times and Vaults...yet! We here to help on info@mercattours, get in touch anytime. Thanks for all your support and see you very soon, Kat and the Mercat Team

Private Tours

Explore Edinburgh on a private tour.

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Games Night - Dungeons & Dragons

Gaming tales of adventure and daring, cities rescued, foes bested and friends made. Provided, of course, that luck is in your favour. 

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Tour & Tasting

Hear of treason and torture in Edinburgh’s Old Town – then retire to a cellar for whisky tasting with an expert.

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Scottish Storytelling Supper

Tales behind Scotland’s myths, music and food are served at your table in this traditional dining experience.

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National Museum of Scotland tours

Give us an hour and we’ll give your group a private tour of Scotland’s incredible history. 

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Ghostly Underground Private

An exclusive private daytime tour of our haunted vaults – just for your group, your guide and your imagination.....!.

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Hidden & Hunted Treasure Hunt

An immersive, team-building treasure hunt through the ghoulish history of the Old Town and the Blair Street Underground Vaults.

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Ghostbusting Birthdays

Join the hunt for witches and warlocks, ghosts and ghouls – but watch out for the torturer’s iron grip. It’s quite a party!

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Gallows to Graveyard

Horror and entertainment in equal measure, as you explore Edinburgh’s dark past of crime and punishment.

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Enlightenment Edinburgh

Discover Edinburgh at the moment it transformed the worlds of science, philosophy and architecture.

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Sin in the City

Drinking dens. Brothels. Riotous nudity. Edinburgh’s history isn’t all royal receptions and fine manners.

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Souvenir Guidebooks

Don’t forget to buy a Mercat Tours souvenir guidebook with your ticket.

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