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Edinburgh - Volcano to Village, Brambles to Botanics

19th Dec 2014
Edinburgh - Volcano to Village, Brambles to Botanics

Those of us lucky enough to live in Edinburgh know we are blessed with green spaces and walking parks all over the city. So we asked our guides for some of their favourite walks in Edinburgh, here's what they told us:

1. Holyrood Park – the circular road gives you three miles of stunning views around Arthur’s Seat. On a Sunday the majority of traffic is cut off, and in bramble season you can get quite a bounty of fruit

2. Water of Leith – you can join the path in many places and either get a bus back home or simply retrace your steps back. I even spotted an otter once swimming along in the river. Dean Village is always a highlight for me – a tiny medieval village tucked into the heart of the New Town

3. Hermitage Braid & Blackford Hill – when I want to go off to the woods or a quick hill walk, there are loads of paths here to go through, as well as a visitor centre in the middle that is great for entertaining children.

4. The Royal Mile and its closes – starting down at Holyrood and weaving up through the closes is a great way to see the heart of the city of Edinburgh and glimpse into its past. (We know a pretty good walking tour that will take you there!)

5. The Edinburgh Botanics and Inverleith Park – though not a “walk” as such, there are so many paths to stroll around in these two areas. It is easy to go and lift one’s spirits in all the greenery and water features.

Get out and enjoy a walk around this beautiful city - or if you need a little more encouragement check out our range of tours

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