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Five 'Must See' Introductions to Edinburgh

9th Sep 2015
Five 'Must See' Introductions to Edinburgh

It’s hard to imagine, but another August is almost over. For the moment, Edinburgh is still awash the theatre and flyers, but within days the stages will start to be dismantled, screeds of weary souls will be dragging heavy suitcases to the platforms of Waverley Station.

German sausage pop up stalls will be left to the ravages of our bin raiding seagulls.  For a few days, the quietness is almost unnerving, and we revel in being able to walk down a street unaccosted (with just a hint of concealed sadness that it’s all over for another year).

But as soon as one crowd leaves, another one arrives. 

Bring on the students! 

Those Festival flat lets will be filled with nervous young newcomers before the beds are barely cold, often leaving home for the first time. It’s daunting, but set for many to be the adventure of a lifetime. Often parents will tag along to help their offspring to move, and are keen to see what’s in store for the next four years. So where do you start to introducing them to your new stomping ground? Here’s out top five ways to introduce them (and yourself) to our capital city.

Our Free Museums

Did you know that all of the museums and galleries operated by Edinburgh City Council are free of charge? The National Museum of ScotlandThe People’s StoryThe Museum of Childhood and The National Portrait Gallery are just a small selection of the places you can visit without troubling that tight student budget.

Our Folk Music Pubs

Fancy a pint with some free music thrown in? Try Sandy Bells, a stone’s throw away from the Edinburgh University campus at Bristo Square. Every night brings a different selection of impromptu folk music sessions, guaranteed to get the most cynical of toes tapping.

Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh has some of the widest expanses of open parkland of any city in Britain. Take a lung bursting trip to the summit and enjoy panoramic views of the city, and beyond.

Get It Down Your Neck

The restaurants in Edinburgh aren’t just there to cater for all tastes: good food on a student budget is easy to find. For some traditional Scottish fare try The Albanach pub for a steaming bowl of Cullen Skink, or for something a little spicier, head to The Mosque Kitchen. Enormous servings of saag aloo or chick pea dhall can be yours, for less than a fiver.

Go on a tour!

Our Secrets of the Royal Mile tour is a great way to familiarise yourself with Edinburgh’s Old Town. We won’t just show you the familiar visitor attractions, we’ll lead you to our hidden treasures and provide you with a knowledge that will make you seem like a native before you’ve even unpacked.

However you choose to familiarise yourself with your new found home, rest assured that you’ve come to a city with layer upon layer of things to discover. You’ve only got four years. 

Let the adventure begin!

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