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On being scared

23rd Jul 2012

As I am rather accustomed to being in the vaults by this stage, I often forget what I am dealing with when I descend!

In fact, I would say I have reached a stage when I am pretty much comfortable with the vaults. This wasn't always the case - one of the reasons I became a ghost tour guide was to deal with fears I had about darkness and the things that may or may not be lurking in it.  I can thus sympathize with those who are petrified in the vaults - I've been there!  Every once and a while, when I least suspect it, I'm caught off-guard and find myself rather terrified in the vaults again.

It is such a familiar feeling, but always a shock - the sinking feeling in your chest that something is wrong, you find your eyes darting from dark corner to dark corner, looking for something to be amiss and before you know it your heart is pounding and you're walking quickly through the rooms, like you may have done as a child when made to retrieve something from a cobwebby basement.

And yet, we keep visiting places like the vaults and making more scary films - but why?

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