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Our Local, Green, Ethical Friends

23rd Nov 2023

We're pleased to be supporting the work of local and national like-minded organisations. Here are some of our favourite local Edinburgh businesses, straight from our team.


Logo for Armchair Books Edinburgh featuring a dinosaur reading in a chair
Armchair Books

'A local, family-owned, Living Wage, and (as a secondhand bookshop) inherently environmentally-friendly business! They also did a lot to get diverse books into the hands of anxious readers during lockdown in 2020.' Submitted by Lindsay, Mercat Marketing Team


Calton View Cafe

'Food is excellent, and the staff are lovely in a small independent cafe with everything made on site from scratch.' Submitted by Lorri, Mercat Tours International Team


The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company

A local company who make a 100% natural skincare range which is 100% natural and handmade. AND Mercat visitors receive a 10% discount using Mercat10 in their local stores on Cockburn St and Victoria St.


Black and white The Good Stuff Network Edinburgh logo

Good Stuff Network

'They showcase a huge range of Fair Trade, sustainable souvenirs and gifts. A core part of their business model is poverty reduction, education and equality. You can find gorgeous, unique handicrafts from all over the world, and you're helping out by buying from there!' Submitted by Rory, Mercat Support Team


Himalaya Tibetan Cafe

'A local cafe which offers fantastic vegan/vegetarian food, do great fundraising and support the local community AND they also offer a "pay it forward scheme" for the homeless.' Submitted by Fin, Mercat Support Team


Blue and green Historical Environment Scotland logo

Historic Environment Scotland

Visit some of Scotland's most popular attractions including Edinburgh Castle, Urquart Castle and Stirling Castle. Historic Environment Scotland is a public body responsible for investigating, caring for and promoting Scotland's historic environment.


Kafe Kweer

'A local café that offers homemade vegan food, sustainable products, and local artwork! Plus it provides queer sober space, social events such as life-drawing and donated clothing market days.' Submitted by Fin, Mercat Support Team


Black and white Milkman Cafe Edinburgh logo

The Milkman Cafe

'A local indepedent, Living Wage employer big on environment-friendly initiatives–where possible the café was built using recycled materials!' Submitted by Lorri, MTI Team


Mosque Kitchen

A renowned restaurant offering authentic and affordable Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine.


National Trust for Scotland

Explore fascinating snippets of Scotland's life at Georgian House and Gladstone's Land. The National Trust for Scotland is a conservation charity that protects and promotes Scotland's natural and cultural heritage.

Rosevear Tea

'An absolutely encyclopaedic offering of loose leaf teas and tea accessories, and the staff are really helpful and lovely. They are keen on ethical sourcing and in terms of eco-friendliness, they offer a discount if you bring back the pouches for reuse.' Submitted by Rory, Mercat Support Team


Purple and white Scottish Storytelling Centre logo featuring thistles.

Scottish Storytelling Centre

Witness some of Scotland's best storytelling in this unique venue which hosts live performances and interactive displays.


Tron Kirk Market

'A refreshing selection of handmade, authentic and local, artisanal goods! Also, a beautiful location.' Submitted by Rory, Mercat Support Team



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