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The A-Z of Edinburgh ptII

16th Feb 2018

Part Two of our favourite A - Z objects or places of Edinburgh! Just choosing 26 places and icons of Edinburgh was tough. Here are our next letters:

C for Childhood
Edinburgh is a city of museums, exhibitions and art galleries. If you fancy a trip down memory lane, you might want to stroll through the vast toy and plaything collection of the Museum of Childhood. Teddies and dolls, model trains, planes and pedal cars, board games and carousel horses – the collection includes a wide variety of items that illustrate the growing up of many generations over the past 200 years. Admission is free and most importantly is reopening to the public next month after refurbishment! 


D for Dunbar’s Close Garden
Towards the bottom of the Royal Mile, some of Edinburgh’s Closes guard secret oases. Having been located outside the actual city until the 19th century, the area was much less densely populated as only the wealthy could afford it. Dunbar’s Close Garden is a wonderful example of a 17th century style garden with its traditionally laid out flower beds, manicured bushes and a generous amount of benches for the tired visitor and locals alike. Surrounded by exuberant greenery one can easily relax and forget the busy city for half an hour.

[Visit Dunbar’s Close Garden and hear its stories on our Treasures of the Old Town tour]


We'd love to hear your favourite Cs or Ds of Edinburgh!

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