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Trials and Tribulations of the Mercat Guide Part I

18th Jun 2015
Trials and Tribulations of the Mercat Guide Part I

Top Ten weird and wonderful things that have actually happened on our tours….No really, they have!!

10.... Scaring a 20-year-old rugby player to tears:  Yup, sometimes we are just that scary!!  We’ve also had grown men who have cried out “mummy” after a particularly big scare in the Blair Street Underground Vaults.  A guide may not expect them, but they sure enjoy these events when they happen.  It's a badge of honour.

9.... A rear view from above: When guiding at the Mercat Cross you get used to distractions.  Whether they be jugglers, drunks or chip throwers. However, one night a most enterprising young man, on seeing our tour at the Cross, decided to give a show all of his own. With great agility he climbed the Mercat Cross and mooned above our guide’s head, whilst mid story!  It was not a pretty sight, especially for the guide who looked up at JUST the wrong moment.

8.... The strangest ways to say thank you: Groups often like to thank our guides in the most unusual ways. Being taken out for dinner and drinks is lovely, but some people think outside the box. On completing his tour, one guide received a group prayer in a graveyard and another was regaled in song as thanks.  We can inspire strange responses.

7.... Hassling the Hoff:  We’ve had a number of famous visitors but no visit was as surreal as that of The Hoff himself.  David Hasselhoff explored our grim and gruesome past with our lovely Ella. (And Scott Mills was there too). Guess where Ella’s hands are?

6.... Come on baby light my fire! Our guides take great pride in their appearance and cut a dash on the Mile.  Hats, waistcoats, corsets – they all have their style. 

But fashion comes at a price. 

Imagine the guide, wearing a hat and veil, to add that mysterious touch. 

She holds a candle to her face to tell her last story of the night and... woompf! Sets her veil on fire! Don’t worry kids, no harm was done. Except to her pride.

To be continued - we’ve saved the best for the top Five!!

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