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Photography on our tours

Photography for personal enjoyment is encouraged on all our tours. We know you’ll have a wonderful experience you that you'll want to capture. We do have a few guidelines we ask all our visitors to follow for the enjoyment of everyone on our tours.

Please do share your photos with us – they always make us smile! Just tag #mercattours and we’ll find it.

Flash photography is not permitted inside our Blair Street Underground Vaults. This is for the benefit of all our visitors.

Flash photography will often disrupt the atmosphere our storytellers create and can impact on the storytelling experience.

Multiple flashes, especially in dark areas, can have adverse health implications for some people.

You may wish to use flash photography outdoors, though not in the small closes and lanes we visit.

We ask you not to take flash photography of our storytellers as this can be distracting and uncomfortable. Your storytellers may be happy to pose with you after your tour – just ask.

Due to the nature of our experiences tripods are not practical.

Please be considerate to your fellow tour visitors and mindful not to disrupt or block visitor access, views or pedestrian flow.

Filming on our tours

Short clips of film, no longer than 60 seconds in duration, are allowed on our tours. These short clips make them perfect for social media sites eg Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook etc . Just remember to include #mercattours and we can enjoy it too.

Videography, filming or livestreaming of a complete tour is not permitted. Please respect the privacy of your fellow visitors and guide.

Livestreaming may be accommodated with prior permission. Please get in touch.

Due to the nature and duration of 360 images we cannot accommodate this type of photography on tours.


We are happy to arrange press photoshoots. Please see our media pack and do get in touch.

For any photography queries please contact our team on



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