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About this tour

Journey through shadowy closes and wynds, and deep into the Blair Street Underground Vaults – then retire to Megget’s cellar for a complimentary candlelit whisky tasting, exclusively for your private group.  

Treason. Torture. Tormented souls. Explore the darker side of Edinburgh’s Old Town on this private tour. You’ll go far beyond the history you might find in books and on bus tours. Your cloaked guide will lead your group through the perpetual gloom of the Old Town’s closes and wynds, spinning true tales of gruesome crimes and cruel punishments – and of the ghosts that still cling to these ancient walls.

Dark streets, deep vaults, and a candlelit whisky tasting

Then we’ll head into the depths of the Blair Street Underground Vaults. Built in the 18th century and rediscovered in the 1980s, the vaults are Edinburgh’s most famous haunted site. Watch for the change in temperature, the damp air, and an uneasy chill.   

The tour finishes with a sample whisky tasting in our candlelit Megget’s Cellar. There’s no better way to warm the spirits after this chilling tour. You’ll taste four Scottish whiskies under the guidance of a specialist – in a kilt, of course. Our expert will cover everything you need to know about the water of life; from how whisky is made to the effects that different elements such as water, barley, peat have during the maturation process. Nose and taste your way through four regions, with single malts from Speyside, Highlands and Islay and one single grain whisky.
Just consider this your first step to becoming a whisky connoisseur!

If you know what styles of whisky you’d like to try, tell us when you book and we’ll do our best to have it ready for you.

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Book this tour if you'd like to...

  • Be enthralled by our sinister and unsavoury, past exploring the shadowy closes of the Old Town
  • Experience the famous haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults of Edinburgh by candle-light
  • Relish complimentary fine malt whiskies and learn how your dram was created

Tour Details


2 hours

Meeting point and route

Start: Mercat Cross, High Street

Finish: Megget's Cellar, Blair Street, off Hunter's Square

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Trust Mercat to show you a side of Edinburgh others don’t see. We have 5 stars and a 91% rating from VisitScotland. We’re also one of the top 11 attractions in Scotland. Our Awards