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Dungeons, Dragons, Dice & Descension

21st Mar 2018

Storytelling is a craft as old as humanity itself. 
Whether we sit around the campfire, gossip about a weekend out, share those hilarious childhood moments, immortalise tales in books, comics and moving pictures - deep down, everyone is a storyteller.


1974 saw the birth of one of the first interactive games that took humanity’s love for stories of adventure, daring deeds and battle-forged friendships and raised the bar by adding the luck of the dice to see how the story plays out: Dungeons and Dragons

Ever since its creation, this game has inspired countless young writers and artists to let their imagination flow; to improvise dialogues, debates and fight scenes and to roll with the plot twists and punches the Game Master and dice occasionally serve. 

Mercat Tours are very excited to invite you to join our storytellers for an adventure in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Led by a Mercat Guide, every adventure will be a stand-alone tale with twists and turns, introducing fascinating aspects of Edinburgh’s dark historical past. Drama or Comedy? Happy Ending or Total Party Kill? You and the dice decide. 

Starting in April, on Friday the 13th, a special adventure awaits in the Blair Street Vaults, a story you (and the dice) will tell, two storeys below South Bridge. You will be surrounded by century-old stones that have seen the likes of bodysnatchers, dens of iniquity, crime, despair and destitution. Will the restless spirits of those who dwelled and perished there be intrigued by your game? Do they have their own story to tell?

Dice will be provided (although you can bring your own) and characters can be created on the day. Both D&D novices and veterans are welcome!

All profits from this event will directly benefit our Charity of the Year. This year we are supporting OneCityTrust’s campaign to raise a statue for the remarkable Dr Elsie Inglis.


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