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Halloween in Scotland | The fascinating Celtic history of Samhuinn

13th Oct 2023

Halloween as we know it today is rooted in Celtic and Pagan traditions, a world of spirits and fairy folk.  

Pronounced like 'sa-when,' Samhuinn means summer's end, marking the beginning of the dark half of the year on the 31st of October. Our new YouTube video explores the connections between traditional Samhuinn and the Halloween we know today.

Explore the customs that still influence Scottish celebrations today and we’ll answer the question of why, exactly, we go house to house dressed as Trick-or-Treaters. Watch above to find out.

This October, don't miss out on the opportunity to learn more about the roots of Halloween and visit one of Edinburgh’s most haunted locations on the most haunted of nights. Join us in the Blair Street Underground Vaults if you don’t mind the dark...

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