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It’s Most Wonderful (& Superstitious) Time of the Year

28th Nov 2015
It’s Most Wonderful (& Superstitious) Time of the Year

With the countdown to Christmas well and truly underway, we take a look back at some of the many superstitions that surround the festive season. You might have to rethink asking Santa for that pair of Christian Louboutins.


If you’re thinking about buying a loved one a new set of shoes this Christmas; don’t. It’s said to be unlucky, and means the recipient will walk away from you within the year. In Greece, old shoes are burned at Christmas, and it is said that the smell of old shoes contains the spirit of the wearer. Bet you didn’t know your old trainers contained that much of your inner being! The tradition was so strongly believed in Victorian times that miniature shoes became a popular gift as a type of IOU for actual shoes that would be given after Twelfth Night. It is, however, said to be good luck to wish someone a Happy Christmas before you have put your shoes on, so feel justified in not getting properly dressed this Christmas day.

Don’t eavesdrop on the cat

It’s said that all animals can speak on Christmas Eve. Don’t test this theory though: conveniently for all sceptics, it’s said to be unlucky to ask them to do so, or to listen in on their conversations.

Pucker up!

The next time the office creep approaches you with the mistletoe, think twice about running away. It’s said to be unlucky to refuse a kiss under the mistletoe. However, once you suffered the unwanted advances, the bearer of the mistletoe should give you one of the berries. Once the berries have gone, the kissing stops. What to do with the used mistletoe also has superstition attached. Some traditions say it must be kept until the following year, and others that it should be burned on Twelfth Night, or all parties will be enemies within the year.

Keep the home fire burning

Not many of us have a Yule Log these days (apart from the chocolate variety) but if you do have an open fire, never buy a Yule Log. It must be found, not purchased, and big enough to burn continuously throughout of the night, or bad luck is yours. The ashes should be kept for the following year, and never let a flat footed woman touch the embers, or all the careful planning will be ruined by another dose of ill will. 

Have a lucky Christmas!

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