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Pens’s time for a break

18th May 2015
Pens’s time for a break

A concentrated silence permeated by the smell of strong coffee (and possibly melting brain cells) has filled the air, for May is exam season throughout our universities, the time of panicked revision, and frantic late night visits to the library.

Edinburgh has always drawn students from all nations to its pillars of learning. Our four universities have seen thousands pass through their doors, with many choosing to make Edinburgh their permanent home after the books have been closed, and the laptops shut down.

And why shouldn’t they? We live in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with locations and events to suit every possible taste. But so often when studying in Edinburgh we neglect to fully explore our fair city...beyond the pubs and clubs of the Cowgate, at least!  Even for those of us who have lived here for years, it often requires visitors from further afield to knock on our doors to lure us towards any of our countless attractions.

So, how do you even begin to celebrate the end of all that hard work, and what do you do when those friends and family arrive, eager to see your adopted city? 

A tour is a perfect start!  

Why not try Secrets of the Royal Mile? Even if you think you know Edinburgh’s Old Town, there’s so much more hidden history waiting lurking in our streets that there’s guaranteed to be something that you always wondered about which we can enlighten you, and it’s also a must for the first time visitor. 

Or if you fancy frightening your parents into paying off your student loan why not treat them to Hidden and Haunted, our dark and ghostly tour of Blair Street  Underground Vaults? It’s a great way of spending a late evening without fully introducing them to your regular nighttime haunts.

Whether or not you choose to stay in Edinburgh after completing your studies there’s always so much more to learn about our grand old city. And since we’ve done the research for you, you can take a well-earned rest from the books for the first time in months. 

After all, you’ve earned it.

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