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The Mercat Deal

Looking after our people. That’s the Mercat Deal.

Our team, visitors and locals of Edinburgh's Old Town are the Mercat community we’ve nurtured since 1985. Family values are the core of what the Mercat Deal stands for, so you can trust what we say and do.

These are the promises we’ve always kept with you:


Good for You, Good for Edinburgh 

Choose us to benefit yourself and others. 

We love Edinburgh. Building our team and supporting our local community has helped us thrive for almost 4 decades. You can be part of the story too.   

Here’s how the Mercat Deal works; 

  • Storytelling is good for your wellbeing – get lost in our Storyteller's craft as you connect with the past on tour
  • Walking is good for you and the environment – safe, healthy and low-impact
  • Our ethical, Living Wage family business is good for our team and community 

To put it simply, choosing Mercat Tours for your tour or job means supporting a responsible employer rooted in our local community.

A Warm Welcome for Everyone

Mercat Tours promises to provide valued Living Wage jobs and make diversity, equity, and inclusion part of everything we do - from the team we nurture, the visitors we welcome and history we share.

We are continually growing to fulfil our ‘why’ – to make meaningful connections that benefit everyone in an inclusive way for all.

In the past few years, we’ve doubled our team to 50 people. In the past we have been bigger and have learnt that operating at this smaller scale means we look after our team, visitors and community far better. 

We’re responsible for all the choices we make - how we run our business, spend our money and mindful that our team is representative of our visitors.  We want to create a sense of belonging for everyone at Mercat and will keep working hard to review and achieve this. Thank you for being a part of our community.

You can watch more by clicking the video below or read about on the Mercat Deal here, or a text-only version here.

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