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Murder Most Royal

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It is 11 February 1567 – just one day after the Queen’s husband was murdered in a terrible explosion at Kirk o’ Fields House. Now you will act as judge and jury – in a captivating murder mystery dinner at the venue of your choosing. 

Order in court!

Henry, Lord Darnley was a man with many enemies. Did the rebellious Earl of Moray dispatch him in a bid to banish ‘the rule of women and boys’? Or was James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, behind the plot, in a move to win Mary’s hand in marriage?

Darker still, was Henry killed on the orders of Mary herself – bloody revenge for the murder of her dear Rizzio a year earlier?

Guilty or innocent? You decide.

Every guest will have their part to play in the trial – lord, lady, jester and musician. Over dinner, our performers will share clues and motives – with a little misdirection for good measure. Once the trial is over, your table will vote – and seal the fate of each suspect.

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