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In Summary

  • Choose day or night, ghost or history - explore Edinburgh’s fascinating history
  • Make your own gift with award-winning The Edinburgh Remakery in your own private workshop
  • Enjoy a private tour with an expert guide
  • Mercat exclusive audio devices - get immersed and lost in the stories...


About this tour

There is an Edinburgh for everyone. 

A daytime wander or evening stroll.  The great thinkers that changed the world of law, or the dark characters who broke them...

You simply share what you're curious to see and hear and our team will craft a tour to suit your private group. 

Our Storytellers can blend tales of politics and drama, science and scandal leaving you inspired and surprised by a city rich with hidden tales and sights. 

With your memories formed share a crafting workshop where you'll make a unique gift as a momento of the day.


Crafting Your Own Souvenir

Keyring or notebook? Whichever you choose, social enterprise The Edinburgh Remakery, will provide a professional tutor and all (upcycled!) materials needed to guide you through an interactive exclusive workshop. 

Relax and make your very own 'green' gift knowing you're learning valuable skills to repair, reuse, and repurpose all of which which play a crucial role in tackling the climate emergency - and whilst having fun!

The toughest choice is whether to keep it or share it...


The Edinburgh Remakery



All proceeds go direct to The Edinburgh Remakery.  Read more about our partnership here.




Enquire about Craft a Memory; Tour & Workshop

Tour details


  • 2 hours

Tour location

  • Start point: Mercat Cross, High Street
  • End point: Megget's Cellar, Blair Street, off Hunter's Square

Need help booking?

Get in touch with us and one of our experts will be able to give you advice on our tours.

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Souvenir Guidebooks

Don’t forget to buy a Mercat Tours souvenir guidebook with your ticket.

See inside


Awarded 5 stars continuously since 2007 it recognises that we're always improving our tours and experiences for our visitors and team.

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