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In Summary

  • Hear centuries of myths dispelled – it’s time for truth 
  • Uncover the very real history behind Scotland’s witch trials  
  • Discover true accounts of those accused of witchcraft 
  • Visit the locations where Scotland’s witches were once executed, and are now remembered 
  • Mercat exclusive audio devices, be immersed and get lost in the stories
  • Choosing Mercat is ‘Good for you, Good for Edinburgh’ - our team, community and planet. 
  • Please note this tour is adults-only due to mature themes. 

About this tour

The History of Scotland’s Witches 

Accused, tried, and tortured. Step into the past and bear witness to the truth about Scotland’s ‘witches' following their tragic last steps on this five-star Edinburgh history tour.  

Persecution of the weak, the wise and skilled?  Roused by fear and envy?  Inflamed by religious zeal?  

You’re invited to listen carefully and perhaps think again...  You’ll be transported back to a dark time ruled by a crazed king and his obsession with the dark arts, ‘otherworldly phenomenon’.  Join us to walk the cobbled paths of Edinburgh’s Old Town and its centuries-old closes, reach Edinburgh Castle esplanade the site where hundreds burned at the stake. 

Witches of Edinburgh 

Hunted and hanged. Around 2,500 people were executed for witchcraft in Scotland across two centuries. Agnes, Geilis, Janet, John… Learn names and hear stories of some of the women, and men, accused of sorcery. Alleged psychics, hexers, and communicators with the devil coerced into confession. Our stories will begin with the accusations, then the trials and lead to the tragic fate suffered by many. 

History and Hysteria: Their Trials and Truth Told 

There was no justice in court, nor truth in tribunals for accused ‘witches’. On this tour, our award-winning Storytellers shine a light on the truth behind the trials and the real reasons behind the witch crazes that swept like a fever for centuries, across Scotland and beyond. 

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Saturdays; afternoon


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  • 1 hours 30 minutes

Step Count

  • 1200

Tour location

  • Start point: Mercat Cross, High Street
  • End point: Edinburgh Castle esplanade, Castlehill

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Witches; Trial and Truth

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