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Mercat Tours’ Supports VisitScotland’s “Tour Guide Tales” Podcast

8th Oct 2020

Mercat is proud to have our very own Tania Dron join the ranks of tour guides who are contributing to VisitScotland’s exciting new podcast, called Tour Guide Tales. Hosted by Grant Stott, this podcast features experienced tour guides from all over Scotland, offering fascinating insights into our nation’s vibrant history, food scene, arts and culture through the traditional craft of storytelling.

It’s perfectly natural that Mercats’ Creative Development Manager, guide and trainer Tania would appear in the series, to take listeners on a spine-chilling journey through Edinburgh’s old wynds and closes, and describe some of the horrors that took place in Scotland’s capital in years past.

If tales of jealousy-fuelled murders, decapitated ghosts, witch trials and hangings at the gallows tickle your fancy, then this podcast is not to be missed. However, please be aware that this particular episode of Tour Guide Tales is not for the faint-hearted!

Whether you’re a tourist, local or merely a keen history-lover, Tania’s episode of Tour Guide Tales is ideal for anyone looking to delve deeper into Edinburgh’s incredible history. If you like what you hear, come along on one of our history walks or ghost tours of Edinburgh’s Old Town and the Blair Street Underground Vaults - we’ll see you at the Mercat Cross very soon.

Visit for more details.

Listen to the podcast here:

Tour Guide Tales Ep. 5 - Mercat Tours by VisitScotland on SoundCloud


This episode, along with every other edition of Tour Guide Tales, is also available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

If you are having trouble listening to this podcast, you can read a transcript of Tania’s conversation with VisitScotland host Grant Stott.

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