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About this tour

Follow the journey many made just once. Explore the sinister history that lies beneath our feet and discover tales of Edinburgh characters who were doomed to die and doomed to haunt the living.

This is your only chance to visit BOTH the long buried Blair Street Underground Vaults, exclusively with Mercat, and the atmospheric Canongate graveyard, where the spirits of the dead await you… Without the safety of bustling crowds, we'll peel back and reveal the dark, underlying history of Scotland's capital. Behind closed doors, in dank taverns and shadowy, cobbled streets there were whispered plots, cruel conspiracies and appalling betrayals. However, justice came to all!  With your imagination, and our dramatic storytelling, Edinburgh's most unsavoury history will chill you and linger long into the night...

Eerie and Exclusive

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*Family ticket covers 2 adults and 2 children under 16

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  • The ultimate Mercat experience!
  • Explore BOTH the haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults and the eerie Canongate graveyard
  • Hear of infamous spirits and cursed souls

Time, length & age

Summer (April - October): 7.30pm & 8:30pm daily

Winter (November - March): 7:30pm daily


1 hour 45 minutes

Meeting point and route

Start: Mercat Cross, High Street

Finish: Canongate Graveyard

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Trust Mercat to show you a side of Edinburgh others don’t see. We have 5 stars and a 91% rating from VisitScotland. We’re also one of the top 11 attractions in Scotland. Our Awards