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The Christmas Market

8th Dec 2018

The turning on of the Christmas lights in Edinburgh always marks the beginning of a magical time in the city; filled with the smell of exotic spices and the sound of festive songs. But have you ever wondered where the tradition of the Christmas market originates from? You are in luck today, we have sent out our Mercat Elves who have gone on a quest to rummage through dusty books, consult the elders of the city and find out why Christmas markets are held.

One of the first Christmas markets took place in the 14th century in Dresden, Germany. Craftsmen, toy maker and confectioners were allowed to sell their good in small stalls on the market square during the winter time so that people could prepare themselves for the cold months by buying clothes and food. Over the years these fairs got bigger and bigger. Apart from useful things, people were able to buy gifts for children, roasted chestnuts to keep warm and admire nativity scenes that were imported from different countries such as Italy.

Edinburgh’s first Christmas market started in 1999 as the “German Market” selling German sausages, waffles and pretzels. It has grown to be a magnet for visitors from all over the world. You can warm up with a glass of mulled wine (maybe after a particularly entertaining underground vault tour?), munch on chocolate marshmallows or buy cosy tartan scarfs as well as flavoured coffees.

And of course it allows you to stock up on Christmas shopping; you're never short of ideas for Christmas presents in Edinburgh. Our whisky tours feature in this recent gift guide for Christmas or you can let your loved one choose their own tour of Edinburgh with our gift vouchers! We have everything from tours to the castle, the palace or the museum or delve into Outlander, whisky or Edinburgh's darker history - just get in touch with us to arrange a gift voucher of your choice. 

Whatever you decide to do this time of year, we hope, you have a terrific time exploring Edinburgh!

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