The beginning

In 1985 there were no walking tours of Edinburgh. You might, if you were lucky, catch one of the volunteer Festival guides who operated in August, but there were no regular, scheduled, walking tours of the city.

So my dad, Des Brogan, founded Mercat Tours with three other history teachers. They researched and wrote four walking tours – and two of them, Secrets of the Royal Mile and Ghosts and Ghouls, are still running today.  


Why ‘Mercat Tours’?

Traditionally, towns small and large had a Mercat Cross on the High Street. It was a place to seek out local information, organise a taxi (a local on foot!) – and perhaps pay the cabbie (AKA a Cadie!) a little extra for the gossip.

Edinburgh’s Mercat Cross lies at the historic heart of the town, and we decided to continue the tradition of giving visitors a warm welcome and a damn good story. So we called our company Mercat Tours.


The year of ‘firsts’

The first tour took place 1st July 1985. Throughout that first summer we learned a lot of lessons – the importance of marketing, the need for an efficient administrative system, the paramount position of product and quality assurance.


The next stage

As time passed, Dad became sole Director of Mercat. The business continued to grow but there was only so much that could be achieved by a part-time administration in the summer holidays – Dad was still a full time teacher. The tour competition grew – so my father stopped teaching and devoted himself entirely to Mercat Tours.


Recognition and reputation

Mercat grew exponentially.

We attained 'Investors in People' recognition in record time; we won the contract from City of Edinburgh Council to open and operate tours of the Mary Kings Close, which we did successfully for five years; we doubled our Storyteller staff and trebled our income in five years; we were named a Five Star tourist attraction by VisitScotland and in 2001, won the coveted Scottish Thistle Award for Cultural Tourism and were described as 'pioneers' achieving GOLD award in the Green Tourism Business Scheme. 

We were also recognised as a Living Wage Employer in 2017 for our commitment to looking after our team and recognising their hard work and loyalty with a real living wage.

Since then the company has continued to flourish – based on the value of truly superb Storytellers with a drive to be the best we can be.


The Mercat family

We have diversified and now provide a wide range of tours in and around Scotland, as well as historic characters for historic settings and even tours of the battlefields of Europe provided by our sister company, Mercat Tours International.

What began as a project for the summer holidays has grown into a fully-fledged family business. Dad retired in 2015, handing over to me to lead our family business to many more years of success.  At our core we continue to be an independent, local family business.

The secret?

A lot of hard work, highly motivated permanent team, and an exceptionally talented group of Storytellers who share a common passion – history, and a desire give a warm welcome and share our incredible stories with visitors to our beautiful city.

Hear our latest reminescing as Dad and I reflect back to 1985 in our blogs

Kat Brogan

Managing Director

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